1. Demo Study
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  2. Prosper Study
    • We are notifying you and others with partial epilepsy about the opportunity to participate in a clinical research study. The PROSPER Study is evaluating an investigational study medication to see if it safely and effectively treats partial epilepsy. The investigational study medication is an additional treatment that can be taken with up to two of your current medications for partial epilepsy. You will not need to stop your current medications for partial epilepsy. The study is being conducted at approximately 125 sites in 8 countries worldwide. Approximately 438 men and women will participate in the study.

  3. Chronic Stable Angina
    • Starts Fall 2012

  4. Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy
    • Study Start Q2 2012
    • Oncologists and Neurologists

  5. Meningitis Vaccine
    • Study Start Q3 2012
    • Ages 11-25 (inclusive)

  6. Ulcerative Proctitis
    • Open Study

  7. Flu Treatment Study
    • Due to start October 2011
    • Patients must be randomized within 48 hours of onset of symptoms

  8. Polycythemia Vera Study
    • Study Start Q4 2011

  9. Lupus Study
    • Open Study
    • Phase III
    • Selected cities

  10. Transient Insomnia
    • Study Start Q4 2011
    • Must have a fully equipped sleep center

  11. Rosacea Study
    • Study Start Q4 2011
    • Phase III
    • Dermatologists Only

  12. Binge Eating Disorder
    • Open Study
    • Phase III
    • Previous experience preferred

  13. Crohn's Disease
    • Open Study
    • Requires specialized biologics handling for drug compounding

  14. Rheumatoid Arthritis Study
    • Open Study
    • Requires biological hood for drug compounding

  15. HIV Study
    • Study Start Q3 2011
    • Randomized, active controlled study
    • Must be able to conduct intensive PK evaluations

  16. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Study Start Date - Fall 2011
    • Requires surgery

  17. Type II Diabetes Study
    • Study Start Q2 - 2011
    • Pediatric Patients (10-18 yrs.)

  18. Treatment Resistant Depression
    • Study Start - Q3 2011