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My   is your personal resource for the latest news, information and access about clinical trials. This website is dedicated to providing potential volunteers with clinical trial education, clinical trial notification services and a direct connection to study locations currently enrolling participants. The benefits to registering with are as follows:

  1. 1)  Ability to search ongoing and upcoming clinical trials that may benefit you or someone you know
  2. 2)  Receive alerts for clinical trials that you may qualify for
  3. 3)  Receive free health related news on your medical conditions
  4. 4)  Access to resources that can help you to manage your medical conditions (patient advisory groups, foundations, medication assistance programs etc.)


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People with a medical condition or healthy individuals may consider participating in clinical trials as a possible treatment option or simply for the satisfaction of helping others with the medical condition studied in the clinical trial. With, patients and families can easily gain access to up-to-date information about current clinical trials, their design and purpose, and criteria for participation.

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Health-Related Resources

My   will provide health related news on medical conditions, and additional resources, such as patient advisory groups, foundations, medication assistance programs, that can help you or your loved ones to learn and manage specific medical conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before making the decision to participate in a clinical trial, it is important to learn about clinical trials and what it means to be a study participant. Click below to learn about what to consider before taking part in a trial.

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